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02-24-2013, 09:44 AM
First off... Please note the quotes around 'active'.;)

Over the years, we've had lots of threads concerning ways to 'pump up the volume' here @ CP. Many have been about offering ways to acquire new members &/or get current members to participate on a more frequent basis. That's cool.

But for this thread I'd like any poster to answer the question speaking just for themself. And I'd love it if your posted response was in 2 parts...

1. Share why you consider yourself an 'active' (or not) member. There are no 'wrong' answers & no one will 'judge' you. I promise!:D

2. Are there any ways CP might increase your activity on the club. Again. No wrong answers, but understand that if your post includes a desire to see more of 'something' offered, fellow members are free to respond & remind that we remain a member-driven community. Waiting/expecting other members to always take the lead may get you some (always polite) responses.:rolleyes:

Let the Fun commense!

02-24-2013, 10:00 AM
1. Yes. I think of myself as an active member--'least when it comes to doing posts :D. I'm less so when it comes to joining swaps & taking challenges. Not apologizing mind you, just stating the fact.:D

2. I'd definitely consider being more 'project active' with stronger stamping-related swaps & challenges. Doesn't mean I dislike cardmaking, atc & such, but my personal preference is for using my stamps as tools,

The Shermanator
02-24-2013, 11:16 AM
Although a "newbie", I consider myself to be pretty active already. Although the next 7 months will be a bit problematic for me (master's thesis due in September), I see myself participating in at least a few swaps or challenges this year.

Like Daniel, I also appreciate producing art pieces that are "stamp-heavy", BUT I must admit a penchant for cards (or 2-D paper items like ATCs, bookmarks, etc.), which are at least easy to store) I'm becoming more and more practical and trying to pare down my life -- not the least bit interested in producing useless 3-D doodads that gather dust. I also like themes that are a bit silly and possibly impertinent when it comes to card ideas for my friends. On the other hand, I also find myself making more and more Sympathy and Get Well Soon cards as I get older, so the practical side of me wants challenges for difficult sorts of themes like this. Is that weird -- a sympathy card challenge?

02-24-2013, 12:09 PM
1. yes, I am an active member. As a moderator I try to view each post everyday. not so much looking for anything wrong but trying to find out how to make are club stronger.

2. I love all the swaps, I get a hoot out of taking paper and stamps and making something pretty to send to a friend or family member. On the other hand I would like to be challenged more with stamping on other items. I am always looking for new techniques and tools to refine my stamping.

Kathy N.
02-25-2013, 09:26 AM
I'm not as active as I used to be due to medical problems, but I'm starting to get back in the swing of things. Although I haven't been able to do as much art work as I would like, I've still been active in posting.

02-25-2013, 11:57 AM
1. I am active. I do the COTM and make comments and look around the site.

2. I would like to see more challenges than swaps. Lord knows I have many cards, tags and ACTs piled up already from the many swaps I was in previously. I am excited about the discussion on challenges and having multiple hosts.

Also when I was starting out stamping, I loved this board for all the wonderful techniques that were being posted. I learned so much! It might be fun for us to have a technique posted once a month for us to try. This could be a challenge too.


02-25-2013, 01:03 PM
1. Yes I am active in that I have joined the ATC and COTM. I really do enjoy the ATC just because I love to see just how much you can fit on such a small canvas. The COTM is ok but I don't really enjoy it quite as much. Not really sure why. Still trying to figure that one out. I can't say it is because I have too many piling up, because I don't. I enjoy adding to my card stash.

2. I enjoy the challenges just because they make you think, now just what am I going to do for that?? That is a real head scratcher. I also like the idea of discussing techniques. I always find learning new things exciting. Hosting challenges, well I will have to work into that. Not saying I will not try it but it might take me a bit to warm up to that....

PS I may end up with two posts here. Was typing and all of a sudden the first one disappeared! Go figure.

02-26-2013, 02:30 AM
1. Yes I'm an active member always have been.

2. I usually follow the flow. I do ATC and the COTM and do a challenge if I like the idea the mask one was really a challenge for me but I did it. I do the BD club cards too. Techniques are always fun and I love to learn that's what life is about to learn and be active. As to ways of increasing my activity as I said earlier I go with the flow...the flower child

PS Great topic Daniel

The Shermanator
02-26-2013, 03:24 AM
Not sure if this is the right place for this, but as Daniel mentioned keeping things fresh and finding ways to encourage more participation at CP :), I'm going to stash this here. I know that we all have different tastes and styles, but here are some ideas I've been brainstorming for future CP activities (swaps, submissions, challenges, ad nauseum). By the way, whenever I say "card", it could equally be ATC, door hanger, whatever on paper.

"Back to basics" card -- create something using the first techniques you ever learned. (For me it was masking, embossing, and using marvy markers to directly color stamps -- ahh, the old days.)
a "found tag" card -- incorporate a merchandise tag (from clothing or other purchases) in a card
"alphabet soup" -- a card where text IS the image -- maybe Judi would agree to give a discount on word stamps or alphabet sets? Has she ever done that? On the old Posh website, they appear to have offered discounts or sales to members. Ever seen that with Judikins?
a technique card -- have you seen the waxed paper technique on youtube? Love it! Gives a patina effect. Also, maybe this has already been done, but perhaps members would like to do a themed card using Judikins' mica gloss inks or other such products.
a color card -- I saw on the old Posh website that they had these sorts of challenges early on, and usually chose less conventional or less popular colors like orange to try to make people more confident using them. How 'bout: mustard, aubergine, chartreuse, petrol blue, black...
a "Sympathy" card challenge. These are tough cards to make, but alas, we need them more and more as we get older. You want to make them elegant and classy, but not impersonal. The wrong combo of images and other elements might be disastrous and interpreted as disrespectful.

What do YOU ALL think? How can we shake things up without disturbing the positive aspects of CP?

02-26-2013, 08:42 AM
Right now I'm a 'semi' active member. (not as active as I would like). I keep up with the post daily, and comment occassionally. I had done the monthly ATC swap, but dropped out.

Also, I am the (too-often belated:o) Birthday Mom. That 'encourages' me to send out a couple of cards each month.

I like swaps that are items or themed; like the die-cut swap, or the fiber swap. I really enjoyed the alphabet ATC swaps; didn't even mind the quantity needed. And I'll be ready for the next embossing swap, now that I found my multi-platform.