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Conversation Between Southern Belle and loosluck
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  1. Southern Belle
    Southern Belle
    Mary, I guess you saw Daniel's answer to my question about how I would get the card for Nov/Dec swap scanned. He suggested that I contact you and ask you to do it for me. So, if I send you a card for your personal use, would you please scan it for me. I like this idea for I am one of those "keepers" who doesn't believe in throwing anything away if there is any good left in it.

    Thanks, Virginia
    By the way, you asked for my telephone no.
    It is 803-788-1402. Would love to hear from you. Still want to get together sometime when I am in Sumter or you in Columbia.
  2. loosluck
    Virginia, if you are reading this please let us know if you are alright. Haven't heard from you in a while. Hugs, mary
  3. Southern Belle
    Southern Belle
    Mary, somewhere you said you sent me a PM, but I haven't received it yet.

    Also, I still don't have my Maybirthday list and have e-mailed about it. If I call you first of week, can you give them to me?
    Have a Happy Easter!!! Ours will be very quiet with just us since our kids are all so busy with own church affairs, etc.


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