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Conversation Between kaybee and winsrella
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  1. kaybee
    I will try to call you later, today. Mittens mom.
  2. winsrella
    Kay, I didn't call you today or yesterday because I have laryngitis and cannot talk well. I just start coughing. I'll call you when I can talk without coughing.
  3. kaybee
    I have tried to call you several times and the number I put in my phone is wrong. Please give me a call, so I can reconnect. Say hi to Go-Go. Kay
  4. kaybee
    Please call me as my phone is dead, forever and your phone number was in there.
  5. kaybee
    Well, the surgury didn"t happen as my Dr. didn"t get the signed papers to them in time. I was very angry. Now I am having my first eye done on the date that my second eye was to be done, Aug third. My post appt in on the 4th So it's cutting it close. Mike took me to get my ticket today. We got to the bus station and it was empty. They had moved to the Amtrak station. But we found it with no problems and got my ticket. I'll get you the times, later, as I can't read the print. I know that I leave Toledo at 8:20 and come back home aroun 11:30on Monday
  6. kaybee
    Ann, I am hoping to get my ticket after I get my SS check, tomorrow. I had someone charging rental cars in Canada on my Debit card, so got that back and it was about $200, so I got it back and that will give me some spending money. I'll get your COTM to you this week. I've been working on Drapery fold cards.
  7. kaybee
    I wrote you last night to tell you that I will be having cataract surgery. I am getting frustrated, though because I have an appointment at the end of this month, and it is another consult. I have already had five and I just want to get the surgery done and over with. Also, I had an appointment this week that I had to cancel and I told the receptionist that I didn't know what it was for and she said it was for an eyelift. Oh, no. That was not even discussed with me. There will be no eyelift. My eye droop does not bother me. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper. Well, enough of my grumbling. Already looking forward to August. Don't want it too quick, though. Again it's dark in here and I can't see the keys too good. By, for now.
  8. kaybee
    I lost the message that I just wrote. It's late. I will write it again tomorrow. Besides it's dark in the library. I'll explain that tomorrow, too.
  9. kaybee
    Ann, I have lost your address, so can you please PM it to me again.
  10. kaybee
    I have been spending the last 3 months emptying out storage unit 2. Stuff came out without things to store them on. I had stuff everywhere, on every bit of counter space, it just seemed to explode. I had stamping supplies, but not a square inch to stamp. I got no Christmas cards done, except 30 shut-in cards. Those I dragged the makings down to the community room. Because I had boxes everywhere, I caught my walker on one and fell and sprained my ankle. My 3 good friends here came down and helped me put food and dishes away and get boxes off the floor, so I wouldn't fall again. I did get a little Christmas tree and I did manage to have a little Christmas spirit. I got my bed put together so I had someplace to sleep as my couch was also covered with stuff. After Christmas, I hired movers to get my bookshelves and table out. Things aren't organized, yet, but at least they have a place. I'm going to end now and finish later.

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