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Conversation Between Kathy N. and Diana Jones
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  1. Diana Jones
    Diana Jones
    Thank you so much for sending me the lovely e-card. I loved it, especially the embossed metal look! Hubby and I went out and bought me a printer but it is a black and white. He said that color was very expensive and used up the ink in no time so I was happy to get a wireless printer to print out coupons and it will copy and scan too. Besides coupons I wanted it for printing the Control Journal pages from and any other place online that I need to copy. I am trying to get myself organized. If you have that desire too you might also try I may have put the first period in there and it may not belong. She is a delight to watch as she explains ways she likes to organize her home.

    I think I am posting better on the club, just haven't been there because I have so little to contribute since I don't do any of the challenges or swaps.

    Love, Diana Jones
  2. Diana Jones
    Diana Jones
    Kathy, I got to post a couple times and thought I was fixed; apparently not. I even went back to see what URL I am supposed to come to the Club with so that wouldn't be a problem. I don't know why it doesn't work because I came with like it says and it still says I don't have permission. Says to refresh and sign in again.

    I notice a lot of people I used to see are gone and wonder if they were all having the same problems I am having.

    I have loved coming to the club but I'm not able to carry on like this for much longer.
  3. Diana Jones
    Diana Jones
    Kathy, I am back to only getting a rare post to a thread through. I tried for the week before my surgery and nothing until todays post. Please tell Super Matt that it always tells Me that I don't have permission and to refresh and re-signin. I'm not sure If I refresh right but I usually back out to Internet Explorer and come back in and signin and it still rarely works. I'm on Norco and don't want to try to do anything too technical so see if he can help me out; Thanks.
  4. Diana Jones
    Diana Jones
    Kathy, loosluck asked if I had contacted you because I told her I have had trouble posting. I keep being told I don't have authorization. She is stuck in NYC without gas or internet. Can you help me? I am rarely able to post and when I do I can't do it twice in a row usually. I am more than frustrated.

    I'd be so happy if you could help me.

    Hugs, Diana Jones
  5. Diana Jones
    Diana Jones
    Nancy, Please let SuperMatt know that I logged in, was recognized and I went to chat and tried to Post about my pending move and was told I was not authorized, to refresh the page and try again. I am tired of trying, I've been locked out this time for probably a week that I know of. I come so little because of time and now I am not allowed to contact my friends.

    Please help if you can.


    Diana Jones
  6. Diana Jones
    Diana Jones
    Kathy I was able to post finally to a thread but saw I didn't spell something correctly and tried to do so with an edit and was told I was not authorized to do so and was to refresh and login again. Please tell SuperMatt for me. I am feeling left out when I can't post most of the time and now can't even edit my own posts.
  7. Diana Jones
    Diana Jones
    Kathy, could you let SuperMatt know that I am having trouble posting again. It says I'm not authorized. I'm logged in, it welcomes me by name but when I try to post it won't let me. Very frustrating; I write some nice emails only to be denied.

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