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How Do I Upload My Artwork to the Idea Gallery?

How Do I Upload My Artwork to the Idea Gallery?

From the main page of the Idea Gallery select the Upload Photos option. Choose a category from the drop down menu. Select which category your scan is best suited. A copy of the scan will automatically be stored in your personal member gallery.

Click on Browse to search your computer hard drive to locate the photo/scan of the image you wish to upload. (For example: (windows) C:/MyDocuments/Photos/butterfly.jpg) Make sure your photo file size is 100K or less or your upload will not be successful. Need help resizing photos? See this forum thread

All images uploaded to the gallery must contain at least one Posh image.

If you want to be notified when other members post comments to your work, change the drop down menu to read yes.

Enter a title for your photo. This is where you enter the title of your artwork.

Photo Description: Please use this box to type in a brief description of the technique used to create your artwork, materials used and list stamp credits. Stamp credits are required.

Click Upload/Submit and a preview screen will show the information you have entered with the photo you have uploaded. You may make any changes to the text at this point. Note: If using punctuation such as “ ’ ” or “ # ” the system will add slashes /////. On the second screen these may be removed and the correct punctuation added if desired. Key words can be entered here to enable your artwork to be included in gallery searches. For example; if the artwork is made using Rainbow inks and embossing, include these words. When a member searches for either of these terms in the gallery, this photo will be included. Click on Submit to add your work to the gallery. This will add it to the holding queue for approval by a moderator. These are generally approved in a short time.

If you change your mind about adding the photo or have uploaded an incorrect photo, uncheck the box next to it and click to submit. This will clear everything and it will be ready for your next entry.

I made a change to my item description and it disappeared!
Some of you may have already noticed a change when editing titles or descriptions of your images. The upgrade requires that after any changes are made to an image (card, scrapbook page, etc.) the image be placed on hold for a moderators’ approval. Unlike before, the image will not be viewable from the members’ gallery until it is approved. Please feel free to make changes if needed in your gallery and we will have them back online very soon afterward. If you have any questions or need help with making changes, please don’t hesitate to contact a moderator. We are happy to help!

Oops! I uploaded the wrong item/I need to change my image
Don't worry, these thing aren't etched in stone - we are working with computers after all :)

If you need to re-edit an item that has been uploaded to the Idea Gallery you can navigate to your item and then click the link to edit photo beneath the image of the item in question. From there you can rotate or re-upload a new image.

note: Items that have been re-uploaded may be temporarily disabled for moderation purposes.

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