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Club Posh Rules & Responsibilities
Club Posh is a friendly and helpful site for stampers and scrapbookers to share ideas, techniques, tips and examples of artwork related to stamping, scrapbooking and papercrafting. Members that do not comply may be banned from the website. Ouch! We donít want that. :)
  • All messages express the views of the author, and not necessarily the owners of Club Posh, Posh Impressions, or Jelsoft Enterprises, Ltd.(developers of vBulletin) and author will be held responsible for the content of any post or message.
  • By using this forum, you agree that you will not post any messages that contain profanities or are threatening, hateful, obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, or otherwise violate any laws. Flames in posts or through the private message system will not be tolerated. If a thread becomes overly controversial or personal in nature it will potentially be closed to discussion or removed. Please contact a moderator if there are concerns about a thread or private message.
  • A flame is considered a very serious offense. A flame is showing disrespect, calling names, putting down another individual or their opinions or embarrassing them. If a member flames another member either in a post or private message, the first offense will be handled by a reprimand from the moderators. If a second offense occurs, offending member's membership will be put on moderated status for a period of 30 days. After this time if there are no issues, the membership will resume unmoderated.
    For third offense, offending member's membership will be on moderated status for 60 days. After this time if there are no issues, the membership will resume unmoderated. If a further offense occurs, the membership will be permanently terminated between Club Posh and the offending member.
  • Members on moderation may not participate in Club Posh contests. If a member had submitted an entry prior to the start of their moderation period, that entry will be allowed to stand; but they are disqualified from submitting new entries until the period of moderation is completed and they are returned to an unmoderated status. Members are allowed to participate in all discussion forums, swaps, challenges and other Club activities during moderation.
  • Please do not give out or post names, addresses, phone numbers or other confidential information of other members without their permission.
  • Thread and post content should be papercrafting, stamping, or scrapbooking related. Personal chatting is not allowed on the public boards between members. This may be done through the private messaging system. There is a buddy system available for members to use to send messages easily to more than one member at a time.
  • Do not solicit Club Posh members for other online stamping and scrapbooking clubs.
  • Please do not post direct links to competitor sites which sell rubber stamps, markers, or other products sold by Posh Impressions. This includes links within threads and signature lines.
  • The administrators and moderators of Club Posh reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.
  • Club Posh and Posh Impressions are not responsible for any swaps or trades that are arranged by members or parties offline that are not coordinated through the Club Posh swap hostess.
  • Feel free to upload your scrapbooking and stamping artwork to the idea gallery. All stamped images must list stamp credits. Scans must be 100K or smaller.
  • All swaps must be sponsored by Club Posh, no personal swap posts are allowed. Suggestions for swaps are welcome for consideration. Club Posh and Posh Impressions are not responsible for any swaps or trades that are arranged by members or parties off the boards that are not coordinated through the Club Posh moderator or designated swap hostess.
  • No contests are permitted to be posted on this site other than those sponsored by Posh Impressions or those given sole permission by Posh Impressions.
Club Posh is a fun place to be where members are valued and participation is encouraged. Enjoy!

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