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loosluck 03-31-2017 06:12 AM

STENCILS- what can you do with them, show us your fun
:(Sometimes we forget to participate in our favorite clubs. Now is the time to get out your stencil and create with Judikins. I will be using the Kite stencil
for my project. I hope you join me

stampwilly 03-31-2017 06:28 AM

I love stencils and will be playing with some soon! Thanks for the challenge!


TerriO 03-31-2017 10:20 AM

I love stencils too! I will try and get something together using them.

loosluck 04-01-2017 06:13 AM

Ok, I am working on mine, where are all or other members?

DebRN 04-01-2017 09:50 AM

Mary, this a great thread. I have been re introduced to stencils by Judikins. Now, I have quite a collection. I can't wait to see all the ideas and examples my fellow Poshies post of using stencils! Hugs, DebRN

stampwilly 04-01-2017 11:51 AM

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Here are a couple I have done. I sponged through a circle stencil using Distress ink colors and then stamped Judikins Galaxy Spiral stamp and a crackle stamp over it while the stencil was still in place. On the feathers, I sponged through a feather stencil using Distress inks and then laid a circle stencil on top of the feather stencil while it was still in place and sponged through the circle stencil!


yankee 04-01-2017 02:20 PM

April, the circle one is stunning.

yankee 04-01-2017 02:24 PM

I was making several birthday cards using a new Art Impressions stamp.
I made the backgrounds several ways.
And this one I stenciled, light blub, I can inter it here.

DebRN 04-02-2017 05:15 AM

April, I love the multiple layers of stencils that you used. Great idea and quite stunning.

Yankee, love the stencil over the stamp. Just another way to use a stencil and make wonderful cards.

Great ideas, so far, hugs DebRN

stampwilly 04-05-2017 08:44 AM

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Here is another way I used a stencil. I used white embossing paste and then sprinkled pink, purple and green embossing powders over the paste while it was wet and then heat set it.


cardmaker 04-05-2017 12:04 PM

These stencil examples are all stunning! Each one is so unique. :) I used to have stencils and stupidly gave them away:eek: However, I may have one or two left, but can't seem to get my mojo together, so it may be a while until I try this technique. In the meantime, I'll enjoy each and every one that is posted for us to see.


TerriO 04-05-2017 07:19 PM

April, love your examples. They are speaking to my mixed media sense of style. Super cool!
I have got to try both of those techniques.

Sheila, your card is lovely. It is great the way you switched stencils in the middle. It flows so nicely. The yellow with the candle flames and the transition of the blue to match with blue in card

JulieB.T. 04-06-2017 05:46 AM

Amazing cards everyone! They all inspire me that is for sure! I need to get my stencils out!!

stampwilly 04-10-2017 12:36 PM

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I used the crayola air spray pump to color these stencils. You put the marker in the handle, pump it and then it sprays the color over the stencil.


Wendy 04-10-2017 02:06 PM

April you've made some amazing creations!! Sheila-Rose, your fun birthday card is one I'd like to receive! I have my stencils on my table ...... that's as far as I've gotten so far! 😲 Soon! - Wendy

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