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The reason for the asking, I'm a big admirer of tags and a member asked if we could do tags. I first thought of cards, but tags are so much fun.

I'm continuing the same way the swaps were always held. I am open for all types of things. It seems that even with all of the different swaps that I come up with if it is out of the ordinary people shy away and if that was to happen I would have to cancel a swap and I would hate to do that.

Daniel, may I ask why you dislike doing multiples is it the repetition? If I were to do a one item swap I would get a flood of e-mails asking I want one of those from that person and I think that is why we do multiples. We usually do six and if there is more than six than the people playing can make 2 sets so on and so forth.

Since most of the swaps are uploaded to the galleries we can use both Posh and Judikins images. I'm not quite sure about the space in the threads. That has always been an issue.

Daniel, if there is any swap that you would like in particular please let me know. Also when we do the cards and tags and ATC's or whatever we do the people do the same but in return you get 6 or so back that are all different. Thanks for your input.........the flower child
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