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Ok, Miss Leslie, this is the story...I put it in another thread but now can't find it! When I first started using the computer about 2001-2003, I bid on a postcard from Germany and WON! It was on a German ebay site and I thought I could figure the site out, but then I realized that I had won with a $5,ooo.oo bid instead of a $5.oo one I totally freaked out! I woke up around 3:30 a.m. and since I was up, I came downstairs to see if I had won.Oh, yeah, I won alright, but it was going to cost me! My b.p. went zooming up and then I had to wait for my husband to go to work till I could email the very nice man in Germany to say that I had made a terrible mistake.He emailed me back, and said he was not going to hold me to the $5,000.00! I was soooo stressed out over that, that I stayed off ebay for months.Computers and I dont' mix well
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