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Swap Moms & Others...

As far as I know we've had two ongoing Swap Moms for awhile:

Loosluck for the COTM and Blossom for the ATC.
Ladies you are doing a fine job! Don't change a thing!

Other swaps and/or challenges that have come up are when someone else wants to have a swap of a specific topic or a challenge for us. There is always a variety of ideas and participants - sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. That's the fun of things! Some of us have the time to do more than others - there is something for everyone.

When I see a swap or challenge, I read the rules, and if I have time I'll join in - if not - I won't.

It is rewarding to try something different and get out of our boxes but it is also nice to have a basic routine to fall back on.

That's how I see things.
~ Wendy
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