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Paper Trimmers

During the moving of my things from Mike's porch, when Mike and I were both in the hospital, my Cutterpillar was lost. It was freezing and they only had one half day to get everything in the storage unit. I think it and my scoreboard, all my card samples and a beautiful candle warmer got thrown out, even though the Cutterpillar was in the box. As I don't want to spend the money on another Cutterpillar, I have been looking smaller. I have come down to a Fiskars trimmer that folds in half and a Cutterpillar Crop. Does anyone have either of these. I have read the reviews on Amazon. The two things I want are to be able to cut multiple sheets of paper and to get an accurate cut I know about the inaccuracy of the 6 in measurment on the Fiskars, but that doesn't really bother me, but they also said that the cuts weren't ccompletely accurate, but I don't know if the Crop cuts more than 2 sheets of paper, If that is the case, I will go with the Fiskars. Does anyone Have experianc with either of these? Please excuse any mistakes as I am not seeing what I have typed very well.
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