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I'm going to send Matt another poke. 80kb is not a big file.

FYI 80kb is pretty small. These measurements are confusing. Basically kb, mb, gb etc is for the entire file size... think of it as the volume of something. 80kb is about the size of a 3 page typed document. A 4x6 high res photo is about 900 kb.

It's possible 450 pixels (px) can also be labeled as the "volume" of a file as well but generally this measurement is shown a linear measurement. It gets confusing because it's a resolution thing...generally a tv or computer screen displays images at 72 pixels or dots per inch. A printed image has a higher resolution so magazines generally print at 600 pixels or dots per inch (dpi). So a 900 kb photo file can print (600 dots per inch) at 4x6 inches but will display on a computer screen at 16 x 24 inches ...or something like that. I'm not accurate with the conversions here but hopefully you get the idea. Yes its all confusing.

Ok. Enough "geek speak"!! OOXX
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