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It's us in the need of prayer; a little too often for my liking. I will just list them briefly and thank you in advance for your prayer support.

Son Brian with the blood thinner because of blood clot is being tested soon after a month of not being on the thinner to see if he will need the thinner the REST OF HIS LIFE, he's only 30 yrs old.

His wife's oldest daughter has two small children, Darien her 2 2/3 yr old son has not gained weight like she should from the beginning and his parents have been under CPS watch for much of the last year and he's been with us for a while and then went back to his Mom's and lost a pound and 2oz in a week and came back and gained 10 oz in a week without the extra Pediasure and Ovaltine they had her feeding. My daughter-in-law may be given permanent custody pretty soon because his Daddy lives in an unstable crowded living cituation and can't take proper care of him either.

My son, his wife, her middle daughter and her youngest daughter and her newborn 4 wk old son and his dad currently live with us, and we hope to get Darien too. The numbers alone is a prayer need! Darien has a baby sister who will still be with her Mom but you know CPS will be watching very closely and we could end up with her when she starts walking and thins down too low.

And I've been coughing my head off and went to the doctor this morn because I felt something around my navel that felt like I would think a hernia would feel like and sure enough; doc comfirmed it and I have a referral to a surgeon coming soon.

Did I say I'd be brief? Sorry, I overshot that a might.
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