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Update on me

Unfortunately, the CT scan showed that some of the tumours have gotten slightly larger which means the chemo drugs I was one have stopped working. My Friday chemo was cancelled and this Friday the plan is to put me on one drug that will be administered every week instead of every 3 weeks (if my blood is okay). It seems these tumours have helped give me the bad stomach aches I've been prescribed some medication for my stomach aches, but so far I don't see any difference.

Not that I don't have enough on my plate, I'm also going to have physiotherapy (unrelated to the cancer), as my sacroiliac (sp) joint is on the verge of dislocating for the 3rd time and if I move the wrong way is extremely painful.

So there you have it. I feel that I'm becoming a whiner and a complainer and I don't like that, and I wish I had better news to tell you but I hope there will be in the future. I refuse to give up!!!!

Thank you all for your good wishes and enquiries and Daniel, you have a wonderful imagination in your designs.

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