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It depends on what I have going on any given week. Some weeks I spend maybe an hour or so stamping. Then other weeks I may two or three hours a day. Then there are weeks that I do not stamp at all. But, I enjoy the weeks that I get some stamping in. Right now I am working on my Christmas cards, so I'm at the stamping table quite often. Any time is a favorite to stamp, but I prefer afternoon, because kitty is napping. Otherwise, he loves to sit on my lap. Not much stamping goes on them. I do spoil him. He's a loved kitty.

For the most part, I just stamp. There are times when I do try new techniques and decide whether to do them again or not. I always like to have cards on hand to send or give as gifts. I stamp alot of components and then turn them into cards later.

I don't really have a favorite brand. I like what ever works well. I am partial to Copic markers. I also like cat stamps and flower stamps. I have been stamping since 1997, so I have many many many stamps to choose from. If I never purchased another stamp, I would be fine. But, as we all know. . . we all NEED more stamps!
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