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Old 11-20-2005
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There are so many adhesives and so lil time ...

Just wanted to share a lil something, something and also ask a question or two *grin*

As im fairly new to my larger xyron (i broke down and bought myself the 510, recently. Still think i love my lil "x" more lol.)

Anyways, you know how the permanent refill is really, REALLY sticky? Well, i was at a crop night the other night and the xyron i used that they provided only had the repositionable refill in it. I was a lil disgruntled as i wanted to use the permanent adhesive instead =/

BUT i realized that the repo wasnt as sticky as the premanent is and was much easier to work with AND it works just as well! The edges didnt come out as sticky as what im getting used to with the permanent adhesive *grin* AND it was easier to remove the sticky that did flop over to the fronts or sides of my die cuts! It was also easier to PREVENT the sticky from getting onto the places where you DONT want the sticky to be.

Now, onto my question, which doesnt have anything to do the xyron (lol) ... I bought some rubber cement and i dont believe im using it correctly. Could anyone, or everyone edju-ma-cate me on Rubber Cement please?

Heres to hoping you have a less sticky day!

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Old 11-20-2005
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Where to begin…

As you may have already found out, rubber cement is pretty stinky. That's because there is a solvent in it. You can buy more of it if your R.C. starts to thicken up. It has a pretty long shelf life as long as you keep it air tight.

It works great for mounting rubber UM's to wood. Makes for a really good bond.

I wouldn't necessarily use it for paper though. It's hard to get a thin, smooth seal. However you can use if for masking. Depending on the paper, you can use it like you would frisket. Or you can stamp on scrap paper and use R.C. on the flip side for the adhesive to create a paper mask. Just make sure you let the glue dry and test it against another piece of scrap paper. It should start loosing some of it's "tackiness" after a few times.

So… how are you using Rubber Cement?
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Alex the CAG
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Old 11-20-2005
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I believe you have to put rubber cement on both things you are cementing together, let it sit and get tacky and then stick both sides together.
Kathy N.
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