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Old 01-14-2003
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Question Question: Resist Ink on sponges

I have a question about using the resist ink on the compressed sponges. When you use it to draw a pattern on the sponge before inking, will the resist wash out or does the pattern remain on the sponge? I mean, once I draw a pattern on the sponge, will it be there permanently? Any information will be appreciated.


Patricia in FL
Old 01-14-2003
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I have washed the resist inks out of my sponges. I have a few sponges that I have washed the patterns out of several times. So, it should also come out for you.
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Old 01-14-2003
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I used warm water and a little soap to wash out my sponge after using the resist ink and inkabilities. Then I rinsed until the water was absolutely clear. The sponge dried with a little stain from the pink ink but it was faint and there was so stickiness or residue from the resist ink. I will be able to use this surface of the sponge again for another design.

I hope this helps.

Old 01-15-2003
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Smile thanks for the info

Thanks for the info regarding the resist ink. I am sooo glad to hear that it will wash out of the sponge. I just wanted to ask about it before I start using the sponges for more intricate designs.

happy stamping!

Patricia in FL
Old 12-27-2008
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I am on a resist roll,

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