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Old 02-10-2002
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Convenience link to the rainbow sponge

Here is the direct convenience link to the rainbow sponge and Inkabilities products.
Warren Gruenig
CEO, Posh Impressions
Old 05-06-2002
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Hi Pepper! I had called Posh because I had the same questions as you. They are available for now ordering and they sell for $14.99 (they come with a sponge). Have fun!
Old 05-06-2002
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Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: Monarch Beach, California
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Smile My error...sorry

I neglected to upload an order button for the new Poshtels. My error and I apologize for confusion or inconvenience.
Warren Gruenig
CEO, Posh Impressions
Old 11-15-2008
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The Spongew and Our Economy

This is a very old original posting, but I decided to bring it up because I think the Rainbow Sponge has a direct link to the deplorable state of our economy.

Earlier this year they (doesn't really matter who they are) discontinued making Radiant Pearls paints and now they're discontinuing the Rainbow Sponge. Don't these people have a clue about what really matters?

Now, I ask yoiu, is it any wonder that an economy (whoever they are) is going to heck in a handbasket when they discontinue something so important as Radiant Pearls and Rainbow Sponges.

Also, while I'm on this rant... I am unhappy that Dee's Parchlucent papers are no longer available. What am I supposed to do when the 5-year supply I bought at Ben Franklin when they discontinued them runs out!!!

OK, OK, I'm thru, but I thought I otta get it out of my system!!!

Love y'all.

Old 11-15-2008
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Ah, I understand your ire completely, Bonnie, my heart broke when I found out that RPs had been discontinued. (But that was a few years ago.*wink*) Actually, there was a reason for that. RPs are something that you don't use a lot of...a tiny bit goes a LONG way. So, once most interested artists had filled their supply carts with 'em, the sales started to drop off, and they needed another, NEW product to get the money out of those artists pockets. And along came Twinkling H2O's. New product, new twist (watercolor pallette instead of easy spill product), and to force those that love that pearlescent product to buy the new product? They had to discontinue the RPs. Makes perfect sense if you're in the craft BUSINESS ( in other words, make your food money by selling craft product), but not much sense to those that USE those products! Like stampers!

Kind of the same thing with Dee's Rainbow Inks. While some stampers might go through that gorgeous, highly pigmented ink quickly, most use it much slower...meaning they don't need to repurchase it very often, a little again goes a long way. Hence, not as many sales, once most stampers/crafters have purchased their initial supply. Hence, no longer a big money maker. Simply a case of supply and demand, and when the demand drops off, the product gets deep sixed. Don't LIKE it, but I do understand why it's happening.*wink*
Char Maguire
Club Posh Moderator

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