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Old 03-06-2007
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Join Date: Oct 2001
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Tell Carol Duvall How You Feel About or What You Learned From the Carol Duvall Show

I called Carol Friday, March 30, to see and read your messages to her that appear below. It was a successful surprise. She said she was overwhelmed and that she had an hour and a half to read them and would do it right away. She is clearly delighted. If you wish to post beyond Friday, please do and I am sure that Carol will read additional messages later. Carol answered with message #308 (you are presently looking at message #1.)


The Carol Duvall Show, HGTV's #1 show (we are told) when canceled over a year ago and running encore shows since then, will show its last encore program March 27. Those shows will then transfer to DIY (Do It Yourself) network, seen mostly on satelite while more and more on cable as well. Dee will appear on DIY March 23 at 11:30 for handmade cards.

Carol has given more to crafts than possibly any other person, broadcasting for over 40 years. She has given great help and exposure to most of the best known teachers in stamping including Dee.

Please tell about your viewing of Carol's program in this forum. Tell what you saw, felt, remember, learned and have tried of the hundreds, probably thousands, of projects presented and I will give Carol a link to this discussion forum so she can read your comments. I know she will be interested and will appreciate it. She is a lovely woman.
Warren Gruenig
CEO, Posh Impressions
Old 03-06-2007
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Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: Monarch Beach, California
Posts: 2,665
I will start. Carol was patient, encouraging and always professional. When filming in Burbank, CA, she usually worked a 12 hour day. When Dee and I arrived at 7 AM, Carol was usually aready in makeup. She rehearsed with the featured guests all morning and then shot all afternoon.

The excellent staff of probably 15 was focused, productive, but fun. Dee and I will never forget the privilege of knowing Carol and gift she has given hundreds by her contributions of talent and high standards.
Warren Gruenig
CEO, Posh Impressions
Old 03-06-2007
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Location: Monarch Beach, California
Posts: 180
Thank you Carol!!

I learned so much from you, Carol! I simply loved working with you!! I knew that your high standards would be fulfilled. There was a sense of family on the set. Rob Weller and Gary Grossman joined in the standards and still managed to insert humor and the sense of togetherness.

The quality of my work had to leap ahead in order to prepare for a broadcast of your calibre. I knew that you would accept only my best efforts. About 35 times for about 65 appearances Warren and I had the pleasure to drive up to Burbank for an unforgettable day of shooting.

Your talent was and is like Johny Carson's. You never upstage your guests but rather bring out the best in them.

Thank you for your friendship and especially for all I have learned from you.
Dee, stamping with love and passion
Old 03-06-2007
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catmommy9 catmommy9 is offline
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Location: most likely under a cat, somewhere near Boston, MA
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I don't have cable, and I seldom got to watch Carol's show. When I did get to catch it, I always enjoyed it.

Now, I know that HGTV and DIY are owned by Scripps, who also owns the Food Network. I have been able to purchase some of the more popular Food Network shows on DVD (such as Alton Brown, Paula Deen, Rachael Ray). So I've been there any reason why they can't release Carol's best shows on DVD, for us to buy and enjoy whenever we want to?

They could be sold in sets, perhaps featuring one frequent guest per set. So we could have a Dee Gruenig set, a Tim Holtz set, a Michael Strong get the idea.

Maybe I need to write to them myself and suggest this. I know that this is something that many would want to buy!
"Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose." - Garrison Keillor
I am cat furniture.
Old 03-06-2007
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Send a message via Yahoo to crafter31
carol duvall, I love your shows, I watch them every morning at 8 am on HGTV then again on DIY at 10:30 am. The show use to come on twice on HGTV in the morning first at 8 then at 8:30 am, but HGTV has been changing their schedule a lot lately and I got a bit upset when the only had carol for 1/2 hr. instead of a full hr. But, I watch especially whenever dee or anybody that is doing stamps or making cards. I will keep watching out for when carol is on DIY that way I can still get my favorite craft show in. Wish there was a way to email HGTV on how we feel on their scheduling.

Old 03-06-2007
Warren's Avatar
Warren Warren is offline
Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: Monarch Beach, California
Posts: 2,665
Good idea, Catmommy9 (CDs of segments of certain people.) Could be subjects, too.

Regarding writing, I have heard stampers say they intended to write HGTV and ask that Carol's show be reinstated. and why not? It was the best. Some of you might like to write such a letter. I would write one with you.

Sorry Carol. This forum segment is to be addressed to you and I digressed.
Warren Gruenig
CEO, Posh Impressions
Old 03-06-2007
greatgrandma2's Avatar
greatgrandma2 greatgrandma2 is offline
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Location: Bayonne, NJ
Posts: 1,933
Up until recently,(because I no longer can get the show) I have watched Carol for years. She is so gracious and so fun--and I learned about so many crafts and the special crafters like Dee, Tim Holtz and Mary O'Neill- so many--the Shoeboxes--surprise!! Always a treat.
I could go on and on. I so loved the Holiday specials. Everyone had such a good time but I think Carol had more fun than all of them!
I loved visiting Carol at home and in her town. That was a wonderful time.
The best part of all the Carol Duvall shows was Carol herself.
God be with you and thank you for all the pleasure you have brought into my life.
God bless, Miriam
Old 03-06-2007
Warren's Avatar
Warren Warren is offline
Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: Monarch Beach, California
Posts: 2,665
The first Carol Duvall Show with Dee transferred to DIY will be March 23, 11PM, ET. Dee will show handmade cards.
Warren Gruenig
CEO, Posh Impressions
Old 03-06-2007
Diana Jones's Avatar
Diana Jones Diana Jones is offline
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Modesto Ca in the Central Valley
Posts: 1,323
Carol, I loved your show from the first time I saw it!!! It's because of your show that I decided to look up and see what she had going on now. I found after watching her on your show that I had lots of her stamps already. I have enthusiastically watched Dee teach on your program and decided to buy all the DVD's I could on her site because there is nobody like her. I am also involved with Club Posh which I adore because of contacting Dee's website, thanks again to you! My favorite rubberstamp product us EZ Mount stamps and mounting foams. I had never seen it at local stores so again I'm blessed because of your show introducing me to Posh and therefore EZ Mount products.

I bought alot of tools to try Polymer Clay crafting because I totally enjoyed those shows too. I have everything but the clay. I will get it when I'm ready to try it so it doesn't dry out.

You also wet my appetite so much that I bought things to make candles, quilts, soaps, window art, knitting, crochet and beading. I think I have become a crafting junkie of sorts. My family knows that if it looks crafty I'll be interested.

You brought so many wonderful crafts and their creators to your show; it was my daily treat to watch. I was so saddened when I had to go to work and missed your shows. I'm not good with the taping process so I never tried. I would think that copies of your programs divided by craft type would be something I'd invest in. I know I missed so many and would love to have them even if I'd seen them a time or two.

One of my most frustrating and sad days was when I heard your show was cancelled. I will try to see you on DIY but I think the timing may be prohibitive. I will have to watch the schedule real close.

Although I'm pretty sure I will never be able to take up glass blowing, stained glass windows, metal or gourd sculpting; I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it done on your show. WOW! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I loved your personality as it came through the TV. I've wished you were my neighbor so we could enjoy playing with your favorite crafts and teaching me along the way. We could share a cup of coffee, tea or juice and some lunch. I'd be blessed if I were to be your guest even once; to have you as my neighbor would just be devine. Perfection would be to have the house between you and Dee. Well, now I am day dreaming. I get up pretty early and work a split shift so I think I'm sleepy. *ROFLMHO*

Carol, I have always thought of you and Dee as my friends. I do pray all life's best for you and those you love. I do hope I will continue to enjoy seeing you on the new show, I know it will be a success because you are hosting.

Edit: In reading all the other posts after mine I see that you must be retiring and that what I thought would be a new show is your reruns. I would love the reruns but not sure I will ever get to see them. I used to drive home from work, a split shift, a 7 mile round trip just to come home and see your show Carol, and now the DIY won't be on when I could come home to see it and as I said, I'm clueless when it comes to my son's equipment. Heck, I have to wait for him to wake up so I can get the TV to work right as he has it run thru another for the sound. *LOL*

CAN I PLEASE BUY YOUR DVD'S?!!!! I'm sure the sales would enrich your retirement. I don't know how I could afford all of them, that's why if they were split by craft we could all afford some that would really interest us.

PRETTY PLEASE!!! Just let Dee know how we can get some and life will be more pleasant for all of us.



Last edited by Diana Jones; 03-22-2007 at 08:17 PM.
Old 03-06-2007
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zooflorida zooflorida is offline
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Location: The Florida Panhandle
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I have loved watching Carol Duvall for many years. I remember watching the Home Show and hoping that every one had a Carol Duvall segment in it.
Once HGTV and the Carol Duvall show started, there was no end to my addiction. I have loved seeing her interact with all of the guests over the years and some of my favorites certainly start with Dee's enthusiasm and include Mary O'Neill, Tim Holtz, Michael Strong and numerous others I can't begin to mention. But I especially loved her sense of humor and ability to laugh at herself which was evident during the episodes with Priscilla Hauser attempting, time after time, to teach Carol to paint. I still smile at the finger painted grapes.
But, on a more serious and grateful note, many of the crafts I enjoy that enrich my life, I was inspired to try by watching Carol's show. And it has added a dimension to my life that I would never give up.
Thank you, Carol, good luck in all of your future endeavors.
I just wish I could get DIY because I can see the onset of a serious withdrawal coming quite soon.
Have a great stamping day!
Smiles, Darby

“There are many things in life that will catch your eye,
but only a few will catch your heart...pursue those.”
Old 03-06-2007
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backerma backerma is offline
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I had the pleasure of going to one of the "live" Christmas show tapings. I had the pleasure of talking to Mary O'Neil and Anna Araujo. But getting a chance to watch Carol in action was the best. And then getting to take her cruise this past October and have the coffee with Carol where we got a chance to be up close and personal with her. It was an experience not to be forgotten. The main subject at the coffee meet when I went, and sounds like it was at most of them was how to get her back on tv, even if for quarterly specials to introduce new products, like her CHA shows, or even just for the holidays to show new ideas.

Thankfully, I do get DIY and I TIVO her shows, and get upset when they move her show and I don't see it in advance, and miss a day. Does anyone know if the show will be on at the same time? I'll have to check the schedule.
Margaret Backer
Old 03-07-2007
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KVM KVM is offline
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Posts: 1,733

I first watched Carol on the “Home and Family” show. At that time, I was a brand new stay-at-home mommy. I was immediately hooked by her friendly manner and the accessibility of the ideas she presented. Consequently, my children have grown up knowing the name, face, and voice of Carol Duvall.

At that time, our cable “provider” did not provide HGTV. I would hunt through all the various Home shows that were on at that period of time searching for an appearance by Carol. I was so envious of the lucky people who could watch a whole ½ hour of Carol! When “Home and Family” was cancelled, I was really annoyed and upset!

Finally, our cable company started offering HGTV and we paid extra in order to see Carol. I was thrilled with the amount of Carol I could watch. I even paid over $5.00 a tape (the price of a blank VHS tape at that time) to record the shows if I wasn’t home to watch.

Thank you Carol for this wonderful adventure in the fascinating world of crafting. Through you, we’ve been introduced to countless people and techniques. You opened the way for all the crafting shows that were, are, and will be on our television sets. Because of you, I became intrigued with Posh Impressions and have subsequently made new friends all over the world, as have many other “Poshies.” So, one could say that you’ve also been a force for peace and understanding!

Thank you Carol!
Kath McCullough
Old 03-07-2007
i.r.stamper's Avatar
i.r.stamper i.r.stamper is offline
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Location: Inverness FL
Posts: 5,831
Carol is the one that got me to try beading! She also got me to try bookmaking. But more than that, she filled my mornings with creativity and smiles! Yes, she was the perfect craft hostess...but it was her interest showing through, her questions, replies, and jokes that made this show so very very entertaining and instructive! And unfortunately, HGTV has lost me as a viewer. They've TRIED to replace Carol's show with some innane craft shows...but they simply pale compared to the Carol Duvall Show. I'd rather watch an old episode of Carol than watch ANY of the new shows. Plus, I've noticed that HGTV has also cut back on the amount of crafting I guess I just don't need them anymore.*wink*

As far as Carol is concerned, though...CAROL DUVALL RULES!!! If, at any time, on ANY channel, she should decide to give us another episode or a thousand, DO know that I'll be there, note book in hand (to record all the neat stuff I want to try once her guests start stimulating my creativity), and smile in I watch my favorite show hostess smile her winning smile, and make her guests so comfortable that they shine as brightly as SHE does.*wink*

You've been an extremely large part of my life, Carol, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Char Maguire
Club Posh Moderator
Old 03-07-2007
Posts: n/a
Hi Carol, I am so upset that your show will be going off HGTV entirely. It's only been a couple weeks since the second half hour disappeared from our schedule. They tried scrapbooking, which I do a lot of, and then that disappeared as well after just a short while. I wonder what their thinking could be. I have learned so much from you, enjoyed your effusive guests, and thoroughly enjoyed the top of the field crafters whose works I could never afford. Just being able to see them and how they do their crafts was a real pleasure.

Carol, I wish you all the best. I won't be seeing you as we don't get DIY--I've asked our cable company to add it, but they don't even reply to a request like that! I hope you keep that shoebox of yours and continue to have audience members submit their work. Couldn't you, please, please, please, do at least an annual special for the holidays for HGTV? When I think of you, I think of words like "warm", "funny", "encouraging", "patient" and "kind". And, I just bet you could paint a Pricilla Hauser rose if you wanted to! Good luck and the best of health to you.
p.s.: Loved those grapes!!!
Old 03-08-2007
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Carol's show

I have loved the Carol Duval show as long as I can remember. She introduced me to so many types and styles of crafting and crafters. She made me want to expand my crafting world and try different crafts, both new and old. Some I loved , some liked , some didn't care for ; but I was happy I got to see them . I will continue to watch her on DIY as long they keep airing her shows. Thank you, Carol!
Jeanne Dunn

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