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      It’s time for November’s Card of the Month (COTM) swap. Names were emailed this time (as well as PM’ed on the old site). Alrighty, have fun because you know, it’s November and as much as I try to be “thankful” all year round, I am obviously reminded with Thanksgiving being our highlight holiday this month—I have so much to be Thankful for. I am happy and thankful for all of my friends here at Club Posh.

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      I got my name and the card is in the mail.  I did not do Thanksgiving but went to Christmas with my card.  We had a cool down and I had to turn on the heat so it feels like winter.

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      Sounds wonderful, Sheila…..the flower child

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      I received my card from Wendy. It’s a wonderfully cleverly framed card in those pretty Earth toned Autumn colors. And best of all embossed with Metallic Gold embossing powder. Inside was a little saying “Happy Hellos – Just a note you make me smile, have a great day.”  Yep, your card sure did. THANK YOU.

      • Username: Wendy
      • Cardname: Friendship

      Nov 2020 COTM - Wendy to Judi

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      Pretty card Wendy. Nicely done…. the flower child

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      I received a very sweet Christmas card from a Sheila. Thank you Sheila my first of the season. Now how to upload is another question…..the flower child

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      Uh Oh. I think I sent my Nov Swap card to the wrong person. Too funny, because I sent the list of swap names this month for Wendy. Good thing is there’s still time till the end of the month, and bonus…someone will be getting an extra card this month. :oP

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      Thank you for posting Wendy!….. the flower child

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      The COTM for Lois was actually from Sheila-Rose.
      Sorry for mix-up. I should have read Lois’s note more carefully!
      —- 😁 Wendy

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      Yay! It’s back, lol…..the flower child

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      I got the card that Judi sent by mistake such a lovely Autumnal card. If you have a picture Judi please post it especially the inside….. the flower child

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      Here’s the photo of the card. 🙂 It’s a popup using PopEze.

      COTM Nov 2020

      Cardname: Happy Thanksgiving
      User: JudiKins
      Keywords below in the “Tags” field

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      Thank you Judi it’s so cool. Thanks for posting the card…..the flower child

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      My card has left the building!….. the flower child

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      I got the cutest bear card from DebMD, and in my favorite color Blue.  It doesn’t hurt that cute bear has an American flag.Patriotic Bear

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      Yea!,  yea!  I did it.  Judi  I did it, I posted a picture.  That makes me so happy!

      i forgot to put the description of Debs card, I was focused on posting the photo.

      title: Patrotic Bear

      Keywords . Bear is by Darcie, fireworks is by Anita’s closet, Judikins Prism glitter and gold emb powders.  Shimmers bliss spray by technique Junkies.  Word dies by Simon Says Stamps.

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      Woohoo Sheila! Thanks for persevering. Your post looks great. OOXX –Judi

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      Debbie, your card is so sweet. Nice work….. the flower child

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      Here is a pretty COTM from Judi using Judikins sunflower stamp embossed and water colours. “Sunflowers”

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      Beautiful card Judi the watercolors make is so nice and soft. Nice work….. the flower child

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      Received this COTM from Blossom.  Love the paper piercing that she did and she said it was the first time she did paper piercing.  And, yes, Blue is my favorite color!  Beautiful job!  Thank you, hugs, DebRN

      COTM: Nov. 2020

      username: Blossom

      title: Thank You

      keywords: Bold blossom die: SSS, title die: crafters  companion


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      Wonderful card Blossom. Looks great. I think we have everyone’s cards posted here. Yippee…great work everyone. So fun and creative. Now…onto the December COTM swap. 🙂 Woo hoo.

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      Thank you, Judi…..the flower child

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