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      Hi everyone!
      It’s the 12th month of 2021. The last COTM swap names for this year have been sent out. Whew! Where did the time go!! Enjoy your crafting and find time to relax during the holiday season.  🎄Hugs, Wendy

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      Got my name thank you,Wendy!….the flower child

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      Thanks Wendy!  Stay safe and healthy, hugs, DebRN

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      Oooo. I got my card from Yankee. Just LOVE this Frosty Snowman. He’s one of my favorites. Just makes ya smile and gets ya right in the mood. Inside greeting says “Wishing You a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year.”  Yes same to you Sheila, and thank you for such a HAPPY card. OOXX Judi

      COTM Dec 2021

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      A very sweet and festive card, Sheila. Nicely done….. the flower child

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      My card has left the building! 👏🏻

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      This arrived in my mail box this week.
      Dec/21 COTM

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      Very cool card Sheila. A fun type of card. Nicely done….the flower child

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      Oh My!! Shiela Rose you’ve been busy. :0) Love your COTM. Clever with the gate fold. LOL thank you for my card. And Wendy nice job compiling the outer and inner card.

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      I received a fun card from Wendy.  It’s a different fold, she used a older Stamping  Up set, and scrapbook paper.  Love it.Blue and white card with snowman

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      A sweet card Wendy! Pretty colors chosen. An awesome Winter scene….. the flower child

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      How fun. Love the different ways to make a Gate Folded card.

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      I received this pretty card from Blossom. I love it. I’m sorry the cut out trees are showing black. They’re actually a mirror-like gold foil. The scanner somehow blackens the gold. As with so many things, much prettier in person. It’s wonderful you’re using the “slim card” size.  THANK YOU Blossom.
      Title – Trees
      Keywords – Crafter Companion dies, paper from stash.

      Blossom to Judikins COTM Dec 2021

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      Look at this pretty card I got from Debbie, thank you Debbie and happy holidays to you also. My card is very festive…..the flower child 

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      Merry Christmas to my Posh family.
      lovely cards from Yankee, Sheila Rose, Blossom and Wendy.  Very festive!
      stay safe and healthy, hugs, DebRN

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      I received my COTM from Judi and it is really cool!  Love the inside of the card as well as the cool wreath on the front.  Thank you so much, Judy, for the pipe e that you sent me to play with.  Hugs, DebRN ,

      COTM: Dec. 2021

      Username: Judikins

      Title: Fun Merry Christmas

      Keywords: Judikins stamps, popeze 

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      Here is the front of the card from Judi.

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      So glad everyone has received their COTMs this month! Great cards!!  We have such a variety of styles in our group.
      🥳 I will send out new swap names next year. ….. hope you can wait that long….. he he! 🥳  Hugs to all, Wendy

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      Such a festive and pretty card Judi! Nice work…..the flower child

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      Wendy, LOL! 😂

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      Yay!! Another successful and inspiring COTM Swap. Great work everyone. 🙂

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