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      🎉🎉Happy New Year ladies!
      The first swap names for 2022 have been sent. Have fun! – Wendy 

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      Thank You Wendy!! Happy New Year everyone! Got my Name. THANKS!!

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      Got my name thank you, Wendy! Happy New Year everyone! ….. the flower child

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      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Love how Yankee is so organized and the first card to arrive for the New Year. She made this cute “note” card with a happy little bird…the squares are the result of a die set she used and layered with different colors of paper.

      Sheila…I’m at home and working on memory here. I can’t remember if you hand decorated the background behind the bird or the notecard itself. Can you please clarify? Either way, the decoration and color combinations are great. Thank you. OOXX Judi

      COTM Jan 2022 - stacked cutting dies, bird

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      Very pretty card Sheila. Nicely done….. the flower child

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      Here is COTM I received from DebRN this week. This cat must be related to my cats!!  It says: “In my defence …..  I was left unsupervised.” Thank you! – Wendy

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      Sheila, love the Chickadee and the wonderful colors surrounding this bird.  It is snowing right now and my 4 bird feeders are getting lots of birds, including lots of Chickadees.  Stay safe and healthy, hugs, DebRN

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      I received my COTM from WendyH.  She used a new technique called “Infinity Shaker Card” and she included a printout of this technique for me.  Thanks Wendy! Stay safe and healthy, hugs, DebRN

      COTM: Jan. 2022

      Username: WendyH.

      Title: Winter Hello

      Keywords: Infinity Shaker Technique, Stampin Up Trees, Hampton Art Hello

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      Debbie cute card. I had to laugh. Nicely done….the flower child

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      Wendy, a pretty winter scene card. Nicely done….. the flower child

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      Here is the pretty card I got from Judi. Thank you Judi I love it…..the flower child 

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      I’m terribly late I apologize my card has left the building….. the flower child

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      I received my card from Lois.

      Pretty paisley paper and two die cut bows and die cut word Hello.

      very nice card, I like paisley patterns, thank you Lois.

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      Glad it arrived Sheila and you like it. I’m glad it arrived before the month left us….the flower child

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      I just noticed the photo didn’t come through.

      here is Lois s card.Two butterflys

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      Our January 2022 cards are so fun and pretty. THANK YOU everyone. Great job!

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