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        Yay! Here is some information about the ClubPosh Birthday Card Club. As a participant you’ll make and send birthday cards. The best part is you will receive cards from other participants for YOUR birthday.

        Please post when you received a card…just so the cardmaker knows their lovingly handmade card was not lost in the mail. However, no need to post a photo. Yes I know we all want to share, but sometimes it’s nice to make a the same birthday cards for everyone for the year.

        This doesn’t mean we cannot share birthday card ideas. Please share your creativity HERE.

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          I want to thank Blossom, Sheila-Rose and Judi for their wonderful Birthday cards that they sent.
          Blossom, love the stars on the card and the colors you use.  So pretty and the card made me think I was soo special!  Thank you again!

          Sheila-Rose, I really love that rose die you used on the card.  Just gorgeous!

          Judi, The snowman with his mittens pointed to the floating candles is adorable!  Love it!  Fortunately, it was 70 on my birthday this year.  Last year we got about  4 inches of snow.  You just never know what Northeast Ohio weather will be in March and April!

          Again, thank you for your wonderful cards and well wishes.  Stay safe and healthy, hugs DebRN



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              HAPPY HAPPY Birthday Deb!! Sounds like this year is a nice even birthday year for you. Ya know, the years with a zero somehow seems to fall into that “Oh So Fab” category. Well happy happy happy day to you!!  Love to hear your cards arrived on time and made you smile. :O) –Judi

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              Thanks Judi and the rest of my Posh family!  Yes, it is an even number year for me! Where did the time go?  I still feel like I am in my 30’s ( mentally) but sometimes the body says otherwise😂.
              I want to thank Wendy for her lovely and unique designed birthday card.  She used a different fold and diecut with lovely flowers in pink with a blue background.  Thank you again Wendy.  Love the card!  Stay safe and healthy, hugs DebRN

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                DebRN, So glad your card finally arrived! I could say I wanted to stretch your celebration but I’ll blame the post! I’m not too far from you in birthdays and feel the same…. Inside we are much younger! Lol  hugs, Wendy

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                  Thank you Wendy, for my birthday card . So pretty pop up flowers when you open the card. So pretty. Thanks again…..the flower child 😀

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                    I know it’s early Lois but I wasn’t sure if mail would be fast/slow !!
                    I like to collect my birthday cards to open on “the day”.
                    I wonder what everyone else does? Open as cards come in? Or wait until birthday?

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                      Awwwww…how wonderful. Nice to get a little early surprise Blossom. Wendy, you’re so organized. You’re so right with the mail and not knowing how long things will take to arrive. It’s a good reminder…I better put on my creative cap!! 🙂

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                        I received a beautiful fun fold birthday card from Sheila. It looks easy enough even I can do it. Thank you very much Sheila. ….. the flower child 😀

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                          I received a very pretty card from Debbie with some goodies to make a card for myself. Thank you Debbie-very much! ….. the flower child

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                            You are welcome Lois.  Hope your day was as wonderful as you are!  Stay safe and healthy, hugs DebRN

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                              Oh Lois…I don’t think you got the birthday card from me? I sent it to your old address thinking you would get it just before you moved…I’ll get cracking on a belated card. :O- Judi

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                                Wendy!!! Thank you! I received an envelope and wanted you to know it arrived safe. BUT I’m hording it until Monday. LOL my friends in Germany tell me its bad luck to open any Birthday greetings before your actual birthday. SO I’m being patient and have my letter opener waiting for midnight. Well, maybe not midnight…but at least when the birdies are singing when my eyes open. More info soon. OOXX

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                                  THANK YOU everyone for my wonderful birthday cards! Such cute ideas.

                                  • Wendy made an adorable 3D “bakery shop” cleverly constructed card. Soooo Fun.
                                  • Blossom sent a fun modern calligraphy greeting…I love seeing block print combined with cursive.
                                  • DebRN’s creation is a lovely aqua colored background that looks like it was either splattered or created with the shaving cream technique? Then embossed and decorated with stickers and cutouts including a few loose pieces for me to play with.
                                  • <li style=”text-align: left;”>And finally, Yankee made a frame from an embossed postcard, highlighted with pearlescent inks or paints. And and a CAKE!! Well a stamped image of a cake! YUMMY!!!

                                  Today we’re celebrating June birthdays at JudiKins…still working with a skeleton crew, and at the moment production is caught up so I was afraid I may be eating cake by myself. But the gang is coming in just for dessert, so I’m ordering a cake rather than a cupcake!! Yes still a small group and we’ll probably have half the cake left over, but who can complain about leftover cake for a few days!?

                                  Thank you everyone again for my wonderful birthday cards and wishes. Love you all.

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                                    Thank you Wendy for my early birthday card.  A cool shaped card.

                                    thank you Judi and Lois for my birthday cards. Judi sent me a card with a thin lady with birthday  candles ( cute stamp, I need to get). And Lois sent cupcakes on a slime line card.

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                                      Thank you Debbie for my birthday card (purple with flowers)

                                      what with it being a holiday and your sons birthday, I wasn’t surprised you were a little late, but not a lot.  The post office has delayed some of my mail more than this.


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                                        Thank you all for participating in our birthday card exchange. 👏 Looks like you all enjoyed receiving cards as much as I did!! 😁 Hugs! – Wendy

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                                          Yes, Wendy!  I know I really loved getting birthday cards from my Posh family!  Thank you for getting this going!  Stay safe and healthy, hugs DebRN

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                                            😁 Time for our birthday card exchange for 2023 to begin! 🎉🎂🍰 We can post our cards here. (Permission granted) I’m looking forward to this fun activity! I will announce the birthdays ahead of time to give us all reminders. Enjoy everyone! – Wendy

                                            Debbie’s is March 18th. 

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                                              Yay! How fun! I’m looking forward to this too. Thanks Wendy and Judi!…..the flower child 🤗

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                                                Thank you, Lois, for the beautiful birthday card!  It has blue circles ( my favorite color), with black die cut dragonflies.  It is strikingly gorgeous!  Love the cursive happy birthday die at bottom of card.  Thank you so much!  Stay safe and healthy, hugs, DebRN

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                                                  Debbie you can post your birthday cards on site here. 😁 – Wendy

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                                                    This is from Blossom.

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                                                      Oh, that’s pretty!

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                                                        This card is from Sheila-Rose.

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                                                          This magic card where the tag can be pulled up.  It doesn’t come out but is really cool!

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                                                            Thank you Sheila-Rose and Wendy for your great birthday cards!  Stay safe and healthy, hugs, DebRN

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                                                              Sheila-Rose…. I can almost expect balloon to burst! Lol

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                                                                Happy Birthday! Debbie, so glad you loved the card! Enjoy the blessings of the Day!

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                                                                  Sheila Rose and Wendy! Very pretty cards! I’m so enjoying all of the fun….the flower child

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                                                                    Debbie Debbie Debbie…HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday-WOOP Today!!  Egads. I’m late with mail. But in the post now. OOXX J

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                                                                      Thanks everyone for all the well wishes on my birthday.  I can feel the love and friendship!
                                                                      I received a birthday card from Judi, sorry it has taken me some time to post.
                                                                      it is a beautiful Oriental design.  Love the kimono!  Thanks again, Judi, for the beautiful card and well wishes.  Stay safe and healthy, hugs, DebRN

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                                                                        Hi everyone … just a heads up ….. someone is having a birthday in a few weeks ….. May 5 (Lois) 😁 —- Wendy

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                                                                          Look what I received my first birthday card of 2023! It’s really very pretty. My card is from Wendy. Thank you Wendy I love it. Look everyone. Don’t you agree. ❤️😃

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                                                                            Look at this pretty card I received today! It’s from Debbie, thank you very much, the theme is friends and yes we are. As always thanks for extra die cuts. They are very useful. I love the card…..the flower child 

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                                                                              Such a pretty card Debbie!

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                                                                                Today on my actual Birthday! 😂 I received a card from Judi! Thank you Judi your memory has served you well. Thank you for my sweet card…..the flower child 

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                                                                                  Look what I got today! A very pretty card from Sheila! Thank you Sheila I love it so very festive. I love the stamped background behind the main focal……the flower child 

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                                                                                    Thank you everyone for making my birthday a very special one. Love you all…..the flower child

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                                                                                      Hi everyone! 🎂🌸🌼

                                                                                       We have a birthday  in June and a very close one in July to start thinking about creating special cards for: 
                                                                                      Judi = June 27  AND  Sheila-Rose = July 4

                                                                                      Have fun! 

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                                                                                        Hi Ladies. THANK YOU everyone for remembering my birthday. I had a lovely one opening everyone’s wonderful cards. I have to apologize that I don’t have the scans at my fingertips at the moment. I really wish my office was in the place I live and hopefully everything is where it should be at my fingertips. More in a bit. OOXX

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                                                                                          Thank you Blossom…it’s wonderfully bright and cheery!!! She said, “Eat A Lot of Cake!” hee hee, Yup yep…oooohhhhkayyy…my Dr said I can eat as much cake as I want but should try to keep it to about a 2″ square per day. Funny how “as much as I want” with a “don’t over-do it” message. Yeah, yeah…I’m ok with this…my sister baked me an almond flour cake…it was yummy, and I plan to stretch it out for many happy days! :O)

                                                                                          2023 Birthday Blossom to Judi

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                                                                                            Fun travel themed suitcase card from Wendy!! Love it!!! Just wish my real suitcase was as nice and compact!!

                                                                                            2023 Birthday Wendy to Judi

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                                                                                              Ginko leaves and vase is fab…I think ginko leaves means “hope and love.” Awwww 🙂 !!

                                                                                              2023 Birthday Debrn to Judi

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                                                                                                I couldn’t stop giggling at this cutie pie “Oinky Doinky.” Exactly what I am going to do…you know me…gotta celebrate for at least 30 days!!

                                                                                                2023 Birthday Yankee to Judi

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                                                                                                  Happy Birthday Sheila!!! Wishing you a fabulous “safe and sane,” bang up celebration.

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                                                                                                    Great birthday cards everyone!

                                                                                                    Happy birthday Sheila- Rose.  My “baby” boy, Jake, shares your July 4 th birthday!

                                                                                                    hugs, DebRN

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                                                                                                      Hi, received wonderful birthday cards,  my iPad refuses to post them.  There must have been an update or something which a change. I am so terrible at all this.

                                                                                                      Any way I received a balloon card from Wendy, she knows me so well.  It was an z fold with the gate cut on first fold.  So well done.  But she is the queen of the fancy fold cards.

                                                                                                      I received a butterfly card from Deb (yes I did remember that your son has the same birthday) the card card had pp background with an embossed tag and die cut butterfly with gems in purple . Love it.

                                                                                                      The card I received from Judi had matted wood looking background with a black board embossed white words and die cut balloons.  Very nice and classy.


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                                                                                                        Oo Oooo…a little belated but always important…HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY!!! Wishing you a coooler day to celebrate. Maybe a little cake and ice cream? Well if it’s hot out, maybe just cake? Naw, gotta have the ice cream, but it might just be sweet cream!! OOXX Have a happy one!

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                                                                                                          Thank you everyone! I’m still enjoying my birthday cards. These arrived on same day at end of birthday week. Lois mailed her card really early so I would get it in plenty of time but unfortunately the post office didn’t know that sooooooo I’m still waiting!! I’m known for stretching my birthday so it’s great! I did enjoy cake and goodies but have a couple of dinners owed so card will probably be in my post box before I get out for those dinners. Here are the fun cards!

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                                                                                                            I sure hope the card comes soon! 😄

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