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      CW Gruenig
      My darling Dee passed from our site on Jan 1st,  and it is best that you hear  about it directly from me. I am sending this only to a few friends that Dee found special and therefore are special to me as well. Club Posh is one of these.
      She passed to a new life adventure at 8:30 pm as a neighbor and I were stroking her hair. She was peaceful and apparently without pain with a most tranquil look on her prettier than ever face. She studied her faith, trusted it  and lived it so she was/is prepared for whatever comes next.
      Yes, she demonstrated her faith and her love. It was an honor to just know her, let alone having her as my loved and loving wife for 52 years.
      My greatest desire at this time is to soon sponsor a celebration of her amazing life. There is so much to joyfully and gratefully share.. More information later.
      Photo is of Dee with Tim Holtz, taken about 12 years ago.
      My love and appreciation to each of you,
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      Hi Cdub. I will miss her tremendously. She has a gigantic place in my heart! All of those fun times together has permanently planted memories that will continue to make me smile. Thank you for letting us know and at the same time, for making us feel good that Dee will continue to be happy. It’s kinda funny…I was thinking about this and came to the realization…she has always been up for new adventures! :O) OOXX Judi

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      Oh how sad. She was a wonderful person. My sincerest condolences! She will be sorely missed. I never got to meet her in person but she was so full of creative processes and you could tell she loved the craft with a passion. Thanks for letting us know….. the flower child

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      My condolences to Dee’s family and friends. She will continue to put a smile on my face as I go through her crafting books and use her stamp creations. Sincerely, Wendy

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      I was so sorry to hear this news.  She was such a big influence in my life as a stamper.  I remember her joy and enthusiasm for stamping and teaching others.  I remember meeting you both at a Stamping convention in Cincinnati many years ago.  She was just as bubbly and friendly in person as she was on TV and video.  I will miss her and remember her as one of those people who brought light and joy to those around her.  My deepest sympathies to you and your family.  Hugs, DebRN

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