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      Hi everyone! It’s August!!!
      The swap names have been sent. Enjoy the process! 

      – Wendy

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      Here is August COTM I received from Sheila-Rose. Titled: Lazy Day. She used watercolours on an embossed background with house mouse stamp popped on front.  Cute! Thank you! – Wendy

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        AWwwwww what a cute little guy. Just makes ya smile!!

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      Such a sweet card, Sheila. Nice work….. the flower child

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      I received my COTM from Judi!  I love your memories about going to the beach when you were a teenager and the reasons why you don’t go now!  I was laughing so hard and can relate to your reasons why you don’t go to the beach now.  So funny!  Love the surfboards and the footprints in the sand!  Thank you again for the wonderful COTM!  Stay safe and healthy, hugs DebRN

      COTM: August

      Username: Judikins

      Title: Surfboards

      Keywords: Alcohol and Dye inks on kromekote paper, Surfboards by JudikinsSurfboards


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      Very cool card Judi, love the colorful surf boards and the feet in the sand! Nicely done…..the flower child

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        Blossom…so nice to hear I did a good job with colors. Always a challenge for me. Debbie…makes me feel so good to make ya laugh. Yep…gone are the days of bikini’s and all day sun.

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      My card has left the building finally. I forgot to include the info, sorry….. the flower child

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      I received a very pretty card from Debbie! Heat embossing and it’s done in a collage style. Nice work Debbie!…..the flower child


      title: postage fun alcohol ink paper stampin up postage due she also used deckel edged scissors

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        Never get tired of the collage look and feel of a card. Wonderful composition.

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      Haaaa, I logged off while thinking, “I think I’m forgetting something…” Egads. Forgot to post Blossom’s sweet card for this COTM Swap… The border is a cutout and the card is lined with a pretty blue plaid that matches the blue stripes on the front. Very summery and all around feel good. THANK YOU Lois!! OOXX

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      So sorry Wendy,  I received this wonderful kite card.  I forgot to post it.  I had put it with my birthday cards that are still on display, cause I liked it.

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      No problem Sheila-Rose. Nice to have it still “on display” 😂🤣


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      Lovely summertime card. Nice work Wendy! ….. the flower child

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      Thanks Lois!
      People used to tell me to “Go fly a kite!” So I thought I’d make one instead! LOL

      😂🤣😁 – Wendy


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      Great card Lois!  I love the Color scheme.

      Wendy, great kite!  So much fun!

      Stay safe and healthy, hugs Deb RN

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      LoL! Wendy! ….. the flower child

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