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      For those of you who are existing members, things are different and I’m still figuring out what is different and how to explain the differences. Here’s a page with a couple “Site Tips” that hopefully helps. Post a “Reply” if you have questions.

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      Thank you Judi

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      Thanks from me too!

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      Now how do we post pictures of the cards?

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      Hi Sheila-Rose,

      Do you see a photo icon at the right side of the message box? Try clicking on that. A box will appear and guide you.
      .- Wendy

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      Hopefully “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is a quick view of how to add images to a Topic or Reply. The hard part is navigating to where your photos are stored. I haven’t tried this on a phone or tablet, but got this working from a computer. –Judi

      Add Image

      Navigate to image location


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      Just wondering how to change my full name from appearing under my chosen dragonfly icon to my nickname? Thanks, DebRN

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      I think Judi and her helpers will have to change your name under dragonfly from their connections.

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      Okee dokee…it should be changed. 🙂

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      Yes, thank you Judi and your IT gurus!  Hugs, DebRN

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      Hi Judi, I can get on these pages in the different topics but are we able to contact each other on the Posh site. Remember how I used to send swap names on Posh site instead of via emails?
      Example: Here I clicked on your name and got to your “page” but where it says to write message …. there’s no typing and note says I can’t send empty box.
      Anyway…….. no hurry …. just something I was wondering about….. Thanks, Wendy

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      Hi Wendy. Geepers…sorry…so frustrating. It worked fine when we first set things up. I just sent a message to the developer to see what possibly changed. In the meantime, thank you for persevering in having to do things the kinda clumsy way. I’ll let you know when I hear back from them. OOXX Judi

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      Thanks Judi. I don’t mind doing things the other way. I thought I might have been doing something wrong here. OOXX Wendy

Viewing 12 reply threads
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