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      This has been a very unusual year for sure. I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas 🎄🎁. Many Blessings To You All. A little birdie told me something and wait until she lets us all know. Now I didn’t say a word….the flower child

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      I want to wish you all a very Happy and Creative New Year! Be Blessed! …..the flower child

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      Happy New Year to you all! Cheers! I have enjoyed being in this POSH family. Looking forward to new adventures!  Hugs! – Wendy

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      Happy New Year!!! Yay Blossom…glad you created a new Topic! Perfect. Keep it up. Since we’re chatting…we’re all good here in LA despite the insane spread of Covid. My sister is a pharmacist at one of the big hospitals and she keeps advising me…stay home. The good thing is our warehouse/office/factory has a lot of space, so we can continue working yet keep distant. LOL…I’m here working…just a little. Whew. At least today’s “work” is fun. Here’s a little card I made to post on Instagram @judikinsinc and of course here….YAY 2021…here we come. OOXX JudiDiamond Glazed window card Happy Hew Year 2021

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      Happy New Year to my Posh family!  Have fun celebrating the new year but please stay safe!  As everywhere, here in Ohio, the cases are on the rise.  The hospital system that I work at has had to add multiple new units for COVID patients.  This virus has touched many staff members personally as well.  Fortunately, my hospital system has received the Moderna vaccine and I am scheduled to get the first dose/ vaccine on Monday.  My hubby, who is a Firefighter/Medic received his first dose/ vaccine Sunday.  We all have to have hope and keep doing what we can to protect ourselves, family, friends and others we don’t even know.  It just breaks my heart to hear and see the suffering that families are going thru in every state in our country.
      Let’s all say a prayer as the clock hits midnight tonight, wherever you are at, that we will begin to see things getting better in the next year.  Stay safe and healthy, my Posh family.  You are all a blessing to me.  Hugs and love to you all, DebRN






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      Oh glad to hear you and hubby got vaccinated. Yes prayers for a less chaotic 2021 and cheers to all of you that are making our lives safer and healthy.

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      Happy Feb 5th. How is everyone doing? Most of you are east of the Rocky Mountains…and there seems to be a ton of Winter Warnings. Just checking in to see you’re all safe and warm!

      Yankee, you and I just have to deal with rain. Our roof here at JudiKins normally leaks and we have our designated spots where we put our buckets to catch the drips. It poured last week…and wouldn’t you know? I missed placement by 1 inch. Haaaaa. Oh well. Thank goodness a little water didn’t hurt anything.

      Reports on the Vaccine front here in Los Angeles…everyone in my immediate family got vaccinated with the first vaccine…i.e. Mom, Dad, sisters, brother-in-laws, hubby. They’re either over 65 or health care peeps. We’re still keeping distant, and covered up. Debra…do you think we’ll have to continue this practice until Autumn/Winter. It’s ok…I feel naked without that mask these days!!

      Besides, I’m having fun with Wendy’s COTM challenge. Hugs everyone. –Judi


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      I’m Good Had some sun for two days now. Thank you Judi checking in with you! Xxxxoooo

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      Hi Judi and all my fellow Poshies!  Here in Northeast Ohio, we haven’t had much snow this week but it has been really windy and cold, in the 20’s.  My husband and I both have had our second Moderna vaccines this past week.  So glad for that.  I am waiting to see if they need me at the hospital to help give vaccines.  If they don’t, I will find another place to help give vaccines.  I feel, as a nurse, that I need to help.  I have been glad to see COVID cases are starting to decrease.  Let’s all hope that continues especially in those states where they have been hit so very hard.  It just breaks my heart for all those who have lost family and friends.  And, yes, Judi, I think that we will still be wearing masks in August.  I agree, what is it like to not wear a mask?  It doesn’t really bother me since, as a nurse,  I have worn masks in patients rooms in my career.  Take care and be safe, my fellow Poshies.  Hugs, DebRN

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      Hi Debbie, yes I agree with all you have said. In some places, like where I am, haven’t even gotten to my age group yet. I have been out the front door three times in 2020. They were for Doctors appointments. Such an easy thing to do wear a mask and until we reach herd immunity I think mask wearing we will be doing in 2022. I’m glad you are safe and ready to give vaccines.  We are suppose to get more snow tomorrow here. I certainly am looking for Spring to get here and for the flowers to start blossoming ( now I wonder where that came ). LOL! 😂😷❤️

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      I got my vaccine Moderna. I go back in 4 weeks! My arm is a little sore but I’m fine. Thanks for listening. 😷😷😷 the flower child

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      YAY Blossom. Whoo hoo…

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      😘 Judi

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      I am so happy for you Blossom.  I know a great weight has lifted off my shoulder knowing I have been vaccinated.  Here’s to hoping we can all get back to a wonderful summer!  Hugs, DebRN

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      It is with a sad and heavy heart I am asking for prayers for my family my baby sister passed away on Friday from COVID-19. She is finally at peace. She was a troubled soul. She will be missed…..the flower child


      ps wear a 😷

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      I am sorry for you Lois. Sending hugs and condolences. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers at this sad time. Hugs, Wendy

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      Thank you, Wendy!…..the flower child

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      Oh Lois, I’m just reading both messages. My prayers and hugs are with you. OOXX

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      So sorry for your loss.  I have lost a few friends this past year from this horrible disease.  I will have you and your family in my thoughts.  Take care, hugs DebRN

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      Thank you, Judi….. the flower child

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      Debbie, thank you! I’m sorry for your losses too. Before it’s all over I’m sure we all will know someone that has passed….. the flower child

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      Happy Independence Day everyone! 🎉

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      July 4th 2021

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      What a fun card!  Since I have a July 4th baby, my youngest son, I especially love the fireworks!  Stay safe and healthy, hugs, DebRN

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      I agree with Debbie, a very fun card…..the flower child

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      Happy Halloween 🎃 everyone. BOO!…..the flower child

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      Oh dear, kinda late reply to you Blossom for the last holiday! Sheesh. Happy belaaaaaated Halloween!

      And woweee, it’s Thanksgiving today. Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. Gives us a good dose of beautiful colors on the Autumn foliage and love seeing everyone in coats and pretty scarves. It’s hot here in LA. Somehow cooking/roasting a turkey when it’s 75°+ just doesn’t seem Autumny! Oh well, some things never change. It’s ok…I’m done with drastic changes for awhile. But happy things seem somewhat more stable.

      Wishing you all a wonderful Happy Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for all the beautiful cards you all send and my wonderful friends here. Love you all.


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      Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  It was in the low 40’s and rainy here in Northeast Ohio, so the house smelled really wonderful with the turkey and stuffing cooking.  Had 2 of my kids here with my daughters two dogs here as well.  Lots of doggie kisses and tail wags, so it was a lot of fun.
      now, to start getting ready for Christmas.  I have all but stocking stuffers bought.  Haven’t wrapped anything yet, hmmm, decorative holiday boxes are going to be my friends this year!  I have the inside of the house decorated except for the tree.  The tree goes up this weekend.  I have a few more shifts to work this month and then I am taking off the last two weeks of December.  We are still “crazy” busy at the hospital.  It isn’t all COVID patients, although we have had an increase in the past two weeks.   I am getting my booster next week.  So, I am excited to get it.  Still wearing a mask in public.  Please, everyone stay safe and healthy, Hugs to my Posh family.

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      Merry Christmas to all those that celebrate! I hope you are all on Santa’s nice list. Enjoy! ….. the flower child

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      Hi Blossom,

      I must have been on Santa’s good list because all my kids, my grand daughter and my grand pups are all here to celebrate Christmas morning and Christmas dinner.  Everyone with grown children know how special having all of them around on Christmas is.  I also received some wonderful gifts including stamps, die cuts, embossing folders and orientalist themed papers.  Have a wonderful day everyone.  Stay healthy and safe, hugs DebRN

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      HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. Deb sounds like you had a wonderful holdays. And Blossom, I hope you had a nice season as well. I must say, the holidays snuck up and while normally biz is quiet at the end of the year, we were busy. So festivities and creative time got pushed to the side. But there is always time for ClubPosh swaps!!

      On a more reflective note…I don’t know if you saw Cdub (Warren)’s post…  It’s a good time for all of us to give each other a gigantic Hug!! OOXX Judi

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      Hi, just checking in with my Posh family.  Hope wherever you live that the weather is lovely and you are enjoying it!  I have been getting out my front porch, back deck and sunroom furniture.  Also starting to get my flowers and herbs planted.  I have been enjoying watching the birds going to my feeders and the bird baths.   My windows are open with a nice breeze and I can hear my porch chimes.  I am just enjoying this beautiful day and hoping that we have less people getting sick.  I hope that everyone is healthy, safe, and are enjoying their beautiful family, friends and nature.  I think it just brightens my life and hope it does yours as well.  I am grateful for my Posh family and just wanted you all to know that I am thinking of you all.  Enjoy the week, hugs, DebRN

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      Hi Deb…so sorry for such a delayed reply. May just screamed by and I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through June. All are healthy here. Just getting older.

      Happy to hear hospital less impacted. My friends’ families are all getting Omicron but no one has been hospitalized. Whew.

      Love that you’re having ideal weather. As much as everyone thinks Los Angeles has picture perfect beach weather for Summer, we actually have gloomy days until mid-July even August. Weatherpeeps call this “NMLC” Night and Morning Low Clouds, or June Gloom. I remember as a kid we looked forward to the last day of school so we could head to the beach and we were always horribly disappointed that it was too cold to go in the water. We’d sulk on the beach in our bathing suits, huddled under our beach towels. Then we’d hit each other because our “goose bumps” felt prickly. It wasn’t until I was in college that I finally got the hint…beach weather is July – October…and THEN we could hang out on the beach without being toooooo cold! So funny.

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      Blossom…please tell us about your new home? Ohio is so pretty. But my experience of Ohio is mostly  HOT. We always had our show in August so can’t imagine Ohio cold and blustery. Well, I suppose PA is hot during the summer as well … and really….I guess that’s what Summer is supposed to be…hot!! Hee hee.

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      I had another birthday party yesterday at home in Az. With three of my kids and only four of the grandkids.   I celebrated my birthday in Nevada on the 4th with two of my kids and six of my grandkids.
      so all in all GREAT birthday!

      I made my trades before I went on vacation, I mailed them today!

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      Shella, “Way to go! Celebrate all month!! It’s the best way. Good you could see your family even if it means going to different states. ;O) OoxX Judi

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      Wendy…how are you doing with all the weather you received last week?? I don’t pay close attention to the weather, but heard something about Nova Scotia. I guess I can look up details. Hopefully I’m either wrong about where the big rain and flooding hit or you’re on high enough ground. OOXX Judi

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      Thanks for asking Judi. Our area had rain and winds but did okay, nothing major. We are in south central NB.

      Some southern areas of New Brunswick were hit hard but Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island(PEI)and Newfoundland(NFLD)suffered ALOT. One of my brothers and his hiking group got stuck in NFLD for a few extra days. A niece in eastern Nova Scotia is still without power but had generator in this storm. She and her husband had flooding in a previous storm a couple years ago.
      Another niece and her husband are stuck in Bangor, Me. on their way home to FL after a family wedding in New Brunswick. They might be able to fly to Tampa by end of week?? Whew! Hugs, Wendy


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